How To Become A Good Gardener

How To Become A Good Gardener

  24 Aug 2018

Whether you grow a few herbs on your balcony or a large vegetable garden in your backyard, it doesn’t matter: both options can make you happy. Gardening is letting yourself be enchanted by nature and life. Why is it so good for our balance?

1. Relax the ego. One of the difficulties of everyday life is the excessive space that the ego sometimes occupies: it wants to express itself, to carve out a comfortable place for itself, to win its battles, which, in the long run, tires others as much as itself. Gardening allows us to abandon the concerns of our little selves: we are interested in what grows, in the space that we will leave to a particular plant, in what must be pruned, in the soil that requires water, in the beauty of flowers… While digging or repotting, planting, pruning or watering, you forget your troubles and problems.

2. Release anger. Sarah Rainer, in Psychology Today, reminds us that we can free ourselves from anger and aggressiveness through gardening: pulling up weeds, cutting down what is too long, binding and pulling are necessary and strong tasks that require a certain aggressiveness and express the not-so-gentle feelings we sometimes have. Channeling them into an activity that will allow us to eat better and live in beauty feels good.

3. “Stress disappears when the plant appears. Several studies conclude that gardening has a soothing effect. In 2011, 30 people with gardens in their backyards were asked to perform stressful tasks. Then half of them were suggested to garden for 30 minutes, the other half were told to go read in the house. They were then asked about their calm and cortisol in their saliva was measured. As a result, everyone felt more relaxed, but the people who had gardened had significantly lower cortisol levels.

4. Become aware of the life cycle. Another contribution of gardening, the children will certainly gain from it and, for us, it will be a reminder of the cycle of life: one can make germinate or buy small plants, one transplants, one monitors the growth, the plant reaches maturity, it ages and, one day, it is the end. Giving yourself the opportunity to observe the life cycle with attention remains the best way to tame it quietly.

5. To be accomplished. When you have a single plant that flowers, you are already happy, imagine a garden that produces radishes, lettuce, basil and tomatoes. Not to mention the pleasure we will give to others by offering them some of our vegetables or fruit. Moreover, to garden well, we cannot stop learning, we must continue to learn about the subject: “we will lie down less stupid”. As a Chinese saying goes: “If you want to be happy for an hour, have a drink; if you want to be happy one day, get married; if you want to be happy all your life, be a gardener. If you want to find out more on gardening, click here:¬†Broadleaf Tree Surgery Sittingbourne



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