How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops

How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops

  08 Nov 2018

It’s safe to state granite kitchen counters have actually transcended fad condition. They have actually been a staple in premium kitchen areas for years and their composition is incredibly solid and also long lasting. In addition to being timelessly elegant, granite is less porous than its marble or ceramic equivalents. This doesn’t mean you should utilize any old polish methods you want on it, nonetheless. Granite may look solid as a rock but it’s really a stain-sensitive product– specifically the much more lightly colored versions.

Nowadays, it feels like everybody has their own point of view regarding granite care choices, however upkeep is truly not as hard as you may assume. Possibilities are you currently have whatever you need to totally keep your counter tops’ one-of-a-kind, fresh-from-the-quarry sparkle.

( 1.) Daily Disinfecting

Like most all-natural products, granite doesn’t work well with severe cleansers such as bleach, glass cleansers, ammonia or vinegar. Repeat use these solvents can dissolve the outermost layers of your counter making it duller and also more prone to discoloration. For normal cleansing, it’s ideal to use a basic clean towel (rather than a rough sponge) as well as a moderate meal soap service. Given that a well-sealed granite counter top is relatively impervious to germs, cozy water as well as recipe soap job penalty for day-to-day disinfecting. If stronger disinfection power is preferred, you could additionally blend a fifty percent water, half isopropyl alcohol service, spray it on, allow it sit for a few mins and rinse. To stay clear of streaks after cleaning up or disinfecting, completely dry off your granite with an absorbent towel, rubbing it as you accompany. Learn more about granite countertops at the website of Chain of Lakes Granite.

( Particularly formulated granite cleaners are out there and many come very advised by the supposed granite specialists. These are definitely risk-free for your counters, so feel free to buy some! Just know that house soaps as well as alcohol blends absolutely are enough too.).

( 2.) Quiting Spots Prior To They Establish.

Crashes take place– particularly in kitchens. Your counter tops are in direct line of fire for a lot of the splattering, splashing and spilling that will certainly happen in your house. To stay clear of long-term damages, avoidance and also quick feedback are crucial. Spills should be dealt with As Soon As Possible with the very same cleansing technique we defined for day-to-day maintenance. With a moist cloth, sop up the mess, rinse the fabric and also apply some soap as well as water. Acidic liquids such as sodas and also fruit juices can engrave the granite’s coating so the faster you can clean these points up, the better. If they do leave a mark behind, don’t panic. It might be possible to undo the damages with an overnight cooking soft drink soak.

( 3.) A Word on Safety Sealants.

Unsealed granite rock will certainly soak up spills and also oils. Conventional granite counters are constantly shielded by a healthy and balanced layer of sealer. If it appears like your counter is staining more conveniently, your sealant might have been endangered. In circumstances where malfunctioning or worn sealer is to blame for a clammy counter, stains can come to be impossible to remove by yourself. When this happens, the smartest action you can make is employing the aid of an expert to tidy and correctly reseal your counters. A well-sealed, well-cared-for counter is a delighted counter!


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